2011 Kiddush Cup is a “Major” Winner!

From the wee hours of the morning of June 9, the 2011 Kiddush Cup promised to be a magical day. Never before in the 12 years of the Cup’s history has a day started with a weather forecast that did not include rain for at least a part of the tournament. And as if Ryan were with us once again, the rain that did come pouring down missed us, and the day was just as he would have loved it – sunny, hot and hotter!

This year’s playing field of 124 golfers was our largest ever. We are so grateful for all who attended and so generously contributed to the charities our tournament benefits. This year’s Kiddush Cup raised almost $20,000; Beth Israel will be donating $10,000 of the proceeds to Ryan’s Circle of Giving (RCG). RCG donates 100% of its yearly donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, The Yale Cancer Center’s Thoracic Oncology Program, and scholarships devoted to enabling a disadvantaged Hartford city youth to realize their dreams of playing hockey and sending a deserving high school student to Paraguay to perform community service in that country’s poorest region.

Our Kiddush Cup proceeds will reach far and wide!

During a special after-dinner event, we heard the premier of a beautiful and moving song created by Broadway-composer David Friedman called Ryan’s Circle of Giving. David captured Ryan beautifully, in both heart and spirit and it was a truly heartwarming reminder of the reasons we have been gathering for this tournament.

No Kiddush Cup would be complete without our M.C. and great friend, Fox61 sports broadcaster, Rich Cappola. We are grateful for his continued support!

A special thanks to Wynn Schoolnik, whose determination and tenacity are unparalleled! Every golf tournament should be as lucky as we are to have someone like him on their team. Thank you, Wynn!

Once again, we thank our incredible Chairs:

Sandy Balayan Volunteer Chair

Wynn Schoolnik Gift Chair

Arlene O’Tell Financial Chair

Pat Gettner Decorations Chair

And ALL of our wonderful volunteers:

Elise Schoolnik, (the late) Dave Solomon, Mindy Schwartz, Nancy Huber, Kent Billings, Rae-Ann Allen, Lynne Rappoport, Lori Silkoff, Sally Smirnoff, Henni Stolzman, Gary Spelucin, Phyllis Dober, Mimi Block, Alyse Schwartz, Joe Fasulo, Beryl Bloch, Julie Rappoport, Matthew Rappoport, Daniel Rappoport

Each and every one of these great people helped to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

Plans for next year’s tournament are already underway, and we have secured a date at Traditions – so please mark your calendars today – for Thursday, June 14th, 2012.

See you then – for another great day!

ADDENDUM: Tragically, our dear friend and Beth Israel member, Dave Solomon, died on August 6th. Each year, Dave worked hard on our Kiddush Cup brochure, and this year was no exception. By all accounts, it was his greatest effort and we had planned on this year’s cover being the prototype for all future brochures. In true Dave form, we were not “allowed” to thank him publicly for the many hours he put into volunteering for the Cup – we want to thank him now. He deserves our thanks and so much more.

To say that Dave will be missed is an understatement. Our hearts go out to Judy and their daughters, Lisa and Abbey

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